Many consider slow cookers and their many recipes to be one of today’s best cooking time saving inventions. One can prepare the ingredients, mix them into the slow cooker, and just leave the pot on all day while they are off to work or other activities associated with today’s busy life style. When you get home, your favorite slow cooker recipe will be cooked and ready to serve.

All types of foods can be prepared and cooked in a slow cooker. For example, chicken, pork, beef, all types of vegetables and even fruits will cook up great in a slow cooker. Today’s slow cooker recipes are known and loved for their simplicity – especially for the cooking time it can save.

Slow cooker recipes rely on the low cooking heat they produce to slowly cook the foods. Steam rises as the food cooks, and then circulates back within the pot to cook the food. When cooking slow cooker recipes, it is best to refrain from lifting up the lid to take a peak (when the steam escapes the temperature in the slow cooker drops and then has to be built up again – normally over a period of 20 minutes, or longer).

Typically, slow cooking recipes take all day long to cook, making them ideal for busy people who want the advantage of coming home from a long day at work, to a fully cooked meal that requires little or no further preparation.

If you’d like a better handle on how to convert oven cooking times to slow cooker cooking times, please see the section below “Converting Recipes”:

The slow cooker is considered by many to be one of today’s best time-saving kitchen appliances. They are especially good for beginning cooks, because all they have to do is fill the pot with their selected ingredients and turn it on. Hours later, they can return home to a house filled with the wonderful aromas of a fully cooked dinner, ready for the table.

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